Using Bazoocam for Chat Therapy

The term Bazoocam is very often used for children who are having trouble learning to recognize and differentiate certain sounds, but this new therapy is becoming popular with adults as well. The main idea behind this therapy is that this type of hearing aid can help adult patients who can no longer distinguish specific sounds.


Patients with correctable hearing loss

hearing loss

Patients with correctable hearing loss are often unable to recognize the sounds that others make. They don’t have a problem learning what sounds are common to all other people, but they find it difficult to recognize certain sounds. Usually, these individuals have been exposed to the sounds of their peers, yet cannot find them.

When we talk about hearing aids, we are talking about devices that are primarily composed of either a diaphragm or a cochlea. The diaphragm works by moving air to increase the volume of the signal that passes through it. A cochlea is composed of different sensors that receive and classify sound waves in order to send it to the ear.


Easy to distinguish between different kinds of noises

hearing problem

However, adults will often be able to differentiate between the sounds, but at the same time, cannot tell you which particular sounds they hear.

Most of us have heard about the chat therapy being used by adult patients in order to strengthen their speech. This kind of hearing aid is designed in such a way that it allows users to hear audio content while speaking. So, for example, if you want to talk to your friend, you could use the device, so that you can listen to the conversation.

Bazoocam, which is a type of tinnitus therapy, is designed in such a way that it enhances the ability of patients to differentiate the specific sounds they hear. According to the doctor who designed this device, it improves communication, by allowing patients to be more engaged in the conversation.

In normal hearing aids, the TPR component is controlled by the user. However, the Bazoocam uses the “tactile diagnosis” method, in which the user will feel pressure on the device to send a specific sound to the ear. Therefore, the user can send sounds to the ear which have been identified by the device.

There are a lot of adults who have begun using Bazoocam to relieve the pains which they had in the neck. These individuals report that the device is an effective tool in relaxing them as well as providing them with relief from the tension that tends to accumulate in the neck.


Complement the chat therapy


The patients can also receive free audio downloads, which are made available by the company. You can select your favorite tracks and make sure you listen to them whenever you want.

Studies have also shown that patients who used the chat therapy also improved the way in which they distinguish between sounds. The patients who tried this device were in an audiologist’s office, when the doctor, for the first time, provided them with a traditional audio, which included many different types of sounds.

Patients in this experiment also experienced improvements after just two sessions with the Bazoocam. During the sessions, the doctors would also recommend certain conversations to the patients.

Once the doctors had found out how the patients responded to the Bazoocam, they began to give it to more patients. The recordings from the Bazoocam device also provide an accurate way to test the effectiveness of the therapy.