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The Physicists, Scientists and Inventors

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History of The Vinyl: Intro 1

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Upon leading into the "History of the Vinyl", two great men come to mind: Michael Faraday the Physicists. Thomas Alva Edison the inventor and Scientist both of the early nineteen century must first be acknowledged for their work. Michael Faraday born an Englishman and Thomas Alva Edison born an American. In my mind, and regardless what anyone might say, dare I say that I have no other plausible reason to even think otherwise!

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Both Faraday and Edison are the pioneers that set the pace for the world to follow in their footsteps forever developing new technology for betting standards. There are others such as Emile Berliner and Lee de Forest and several more who have also paved the way for the future in the "History of the Vinyl!" We all have to remember past inventors and scientists such as Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Emil Berliner and Lee de Forest as past geniuses and heroes!


 Geniuses and Heroes

Those individuals were ahead of their time, and even today they're regarded as role models for other inventors and scientists!  Although Edison and Faraday both suffered the same type of impediment in their hearing, neither of them had regarded their  impediment as an obstacle to stand in their way of progress that would have curtail their determination and visionary quests to succeed. Berliner, Edison, Faraday and de Forest their discoveries and inventions has made our world a better place for generations then and generations to come!


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History of the Vinyl

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