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DJ Toaster (Coined Rapper in the USA)

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History of The Vinyl: part 9

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In this section we take a look at two different advent of sound reproduction!

1. The role of the Deejays in Sound and Music Reproduction!  

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The Jamaican transistorised Hi-Fi Sound Systems (portable Discotethecque)

2. The German BlueSpot Cabinet Hi-FI Gramophone Systems!  

--<--First lets take a look at The DJ Toaster (Coined Rapper in the USA)-->--

Rivalry between the sound systems was more often  an intense explosive situation!


Dj Toaster At The Turntable

It was essential for a sound  system operator  to have several exclusive records; and a good disc jockey toaster at the turntable who could chat lyrically over the record on the 'mike' as this constituted a big advantage for the sound system owner to become King of Sounds! The dj who could serve up the best lyrical chatter to match the rhythms of the tunes and songs of the records is a significant ingredients for that particular sound to win! The dj is the man who keep the dance hall audiences on their feet and send them into raptures!


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History of the Vinyl

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