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Nipper and His Master's Voice

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History of The Vinyl: part 7

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A feature pertaining to History of the Vinyl Record" would be incomplete without a mention of the little fox terrier who became famous as the dog "Nipper. Nipper the dog was born in Bristol in 1884, but as the little dog got older he was given the name Nipper. The dog Nipper had a very disquieting habit of nipping people's leg at the ankle especially, when visitors came to the home of his master!

Picture of His Master's Voice  Record Disc Label

Picture of His Master's Voice  Recording Disc Label

Indeed, Nipper was quite a naughty little dog, but he was also quite a cute little character as you will no doubt ascertain while reading further on in this series. In 1887 Nipper's master Mark Barraud had died in anguish and penniless in Bristol. During that same year, Mark Barraud  younger brother Francis Barraud, a painter, took charge of Nipper and went to reside in Liverpool with him!


Bull Terrier and Fox Terrier Breed

Nipper the dog was a mixture of bull terrier and fox terrier combined and Nipper often spent a lot of time by the cylindral phonograph recording and playing machine as if waiting to hear his master' voice, well that was how it appeared to be anyway! But if you can bring your imagination to the fore and imagine a dog being intrigued by strange looking instrument that made sounds like a human voice: then you can you can understand Nipper looking rather puzzled by a voice that came from the horn of a phonograph!


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History of the Vinyl

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