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Berliner Diaphragm Transmitter

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History of The Vinyl: part 4

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In the early spring of 1877, Emil Berliner conjured a diaphragm transmitter by knocking out the bottom of a wooden box that was originally a soap container box to which Emil Berliner  fitted a piece of sheet metal for the diaphragm where he inserted an ordinary screw through a crossbar. Emil Berliner had placed  a screw over the centre of the box!

Emil Berliner Picture

Picture of Emil Berliner Germany's inventor of the of the first flat disc the gramophone and telephone developer.


With the point of the screw touching the diaphragm, he then proceeded with his examinations using a galvanometer to Emil Berliner dismay, he discovered that the current diversified. The current diversities was largely with dissimilarity of pressurised inequality and Emil Berliner found that he could effortlessly get speech! After further experiments by Emil Berliner with the transmitter had proven successful!


Telephon Fabrik Berliner

Emil obtained a patent for his transformer 18th January 1878. Having suffered huge amount of inconveniences with his business partners and other inventors Emil Berliner decided to return to his homeland Germany in 1881 accompanied by his brother Joseph  Berliner who together founded the Telephon Fabrik Berliner Company to produce telephones. In the year of 1883 Jacob Berliner his youngest brother, joined the firm as partner and business associate director!


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History of the Vinyl

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