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Emil Berliner: The Unsung Hero.

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History of The Vinyl: part 3

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Emil Berliner: Throughout history, there have been many master inventors but none more so than Emil Berliner who received very little acclamation for his contributions, well, it is my intention to help in righting that wronged in my contribution feature of  the: " History of the Vinyl! Emil Berliner was born in Germany and immigrated to America in 1870!

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Picture of Emil Berliner Germany's inventor of the of the first flat disc the gramophone and telephone developer.


Whilst being in the United States of America he seriously began his investigations and innovative practice ranging from acoustics to telephones, record players, microphone, transformers, helicopters and airplanes, and even in the field of medicine! Maybe, Emil Berliner study of music was the stepping-stone towards his immense fascination of acoustics that lead him on the path to developed his invention of the flat disc and the gramophone!


An Extraordinary Human Being

Emil Berliner  had a lasting thirst for knowledge in which he attended the Cooper Institutional Establishment of Washington on a part-time basis studying physics and electricity. Yet it is stated in listed documents that only one incomplete biography was ever publish about this truly notable extraordinary human being, a masterminded intellect in his day whose discoveries and inventions created permanent and everlasting impact on every household in our society today!


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History of the Vinyl

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