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Founding Godfather: Laurel Aitken

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History of The Vinyl: part 22

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Laurel Aitkens was born in 1927 of Cuba birth! In 1938, his mother and father moved from Cuba to Western Kingston, Jamaica, when Laurel was just eleven years old! After they had settled in Kingston, Laurel ventured unto the entertainment stage to play the roll of a singer appearing on talent shows singing in the style of the American rhythm & blues artistes of the likes of Joe Turner and Louis Jordan!

The Nu-Beat label. This label came out just after the Blue Beat label in the 60's

Picture of Laurel Atken in the 1960 Ska Sunsplash show in Jamaica

Laurel in his early years showed his versatility by performing in clubs and open air venues blending a mixture of musical genre. When he began his career, soul was not heard of. Soul came into existence about mid 60s! What had sounded like soul music before the 60s was known as the scroll or ballads You could say that Nat King Cole was a soul singer but he was in fact known as singer of slow ballads and he was also a very good jazz pianist!


Rhythm & Blues Recording Artists

Recording Artists such as Lavern Baker, Ivory Joe Hunter and Chuck Willis were the songsters who made the scroll popular. Songs like “What Am I Living For” by Ivory Joe Hunter, “My Happiness” by Lavern Baker and C. C. Ryder by Chuck Willis, even the soulful ballad Confidential by Sonny Knight all of these tunes were known as the scroll and they were the favourite of sound system followers! Sound systems DJs played these tunes in the wee hours of the night!


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History of the Vinyl

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