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Vinyl Record Grading System

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History of The Vinyl: part 21

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Tip top spick and span vinyl discs: The Vinyl Record surface displays full original gloss! The vinyl record is flat, with no imperfection of any kind! Label exhibits full, vivid original colours! A rare condition, even for a still-sealed record!

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Louis Jordan and his tympany five on the Decca's ffrrs label

E+. Mint: The Vinyl Record displays as above! Gloss is near 100%! Label may show some minor imperfections, a few small superficial marks that is barley seen!


Near Mint: Where the Vinyl Record has a few small graze that can't be heard and gloss remains steadfast! Label may show some small amount of fading from original colours! Label may also show some small handling and playing marks!

Excellent: The Vinyl Record has a few small scratches and a few more small which is barely heard when played! Has lost some of its original gloss! Label has lost a little of itís brightness, has more marking and discoloration, contain no writing, scratches, not seriously damaged, stickers or writing!


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History of the Vinyl

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