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How to Care for Your Vinyl Records!

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History of The Vinyl: part 20

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1. Sometimes foreign deposits enter into the grooves of the vinyl record, through careless handling of the vinyl record. Grease from fingerprints, soot, stains, adhesives, and even just smoking cigarettes can causes alterations to the originality of the vinyl record material and sound caused by chemical reactions. Oily fingerprints attracts dust particles in the grooves of  the vinyl record. This can have a disturbing and harmful affects on the sound recording preservations of the vinyl record!

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One of the Studio One's rarest Album "Lord Creator, Me Mamma"

2. Remember static  can distorts the sound of the vinyl record. Try not to let your fingers touch the vinyl grooves. Watch out and take care whether it is an internal or external reaction with environmental agents, metal corrosive products, palmitic acid from acetate discs, or gummy substances, due care and attention is of the utmost importance in avoidance!


3. Dust is common mixture of fragments from human skin, small particles of mineral or plant material, textile fibres, industrial smoke, and other organic and inorganic materials. Remember; the human body sheds dead skin every thirteen days, and that is the basis of most dust particles in and around the home!


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History of the Vinyl

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