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Folks Brothers: Oh Carolina

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History of The Vinyl: part 18

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Prince Buster established a mix and blend of restricted roots musical forms; using ingredients such as Mento and Burro with a reinforcement of jazz horns in parts mixed with R&B rhythms to construct a decidedly unique new sound. The creation of Ska turned the R&B rhythmic outline inside out by utilizing and co-ordinating of an after-beat guitar strut on the second and fourth heat!

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Picture "Prince Buster" Songwriter, lyrics master, singer and record producer of Folks Brothers "Oh Carolina Blue Beat" song

A lot of the songs that Prince Buster produced were no doubt unquestionably political, in that they embraced a Marcus Garvey type mind-set of narcissisms and pride in Africanisms blackness. Prince Buster embraces the Africanisms effects within his music productions, none more so than his production of the Folks Brothers "Oh Carolina" back in the 1960s!


New Orleans Style Rhythm & Blues

Oh Carolina, was the very first recording in history to use the Rastafarian rhythmical drumming group of Count Ossie for accompaniment. In other words the Ska beat combines the poignant backbeat of New Orleans style rhythm & blues and Mento along with a flavouring of Africanisms  within the consortium of the music. 1962 after working for Clement Dodd of the Studio One Fame as henchman, Prince Buster took to producing his own records, with labels that read like a religious presentation of deliverance!


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History of the Vinyl

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