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Appliance of Record Labels

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History of The Vinyl: part 16

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One idea that really caught on was to glue a paper label to flat disc records. The deliberation was not entirely new as disc records of the 1890s were of such poor intelligibility that labels were used to type out the lyrics even for the spoken recording of "The Lord's Prayer." On the other hand, the shellac and celluloid used for early discs did not form a bond with paper glue!

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Eldridge Johnson patented a new method appropriating the circular label in 1900! The technique was to apply the circular labels while the records was still hot. This technique of applying the label while the record is still hot became a standard operation for many years, in saying that, the label was to become even more important than the record!


European Associated Companies

In 1901 a Russian gramophone dealer tried to fleece one of Berliner's European associated companies by suggesting that the company should pay a high compensation cost to four of the Czar's much loved singers. The dealer, who had set-up an elaborate looking shop in St. Petersburg, recommended an ingenious way of making money. His ingenious idea was to charge five times more than the cost of the record which would be aimed at the upper crust community!


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History of the Vinyl

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