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Decca's (ffrr) Frequency Series

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History of The Vinyl: part 14a

British Decca Record Company played a prominent role in the improvisation of phonographic recording after World War II. The Decca recording company created the full frequency range recording which overnight became  internationally accepted, plus, the frequency range of discs was decidedly and dramatically extended. Ernest Ansermet's recording of Stravinsky's Petrushka played an important instrumental role in the development of frequency range records!

The Decca Recording Company (ffrr) Series Record Label

Picture of  Decca Record Company's ffrr Series Record Label

That frequency development in vinyl records was to wake up the unsuspecting ears of the record collectors. In 1946 to the future of  high fidelity potential of the (ffrrs) records. The Decca Company's  full frequency range recording  gained recognition on a worldwide scale, two further improvements to phonographic recording production came about in the late 1940s: the magnetic recording and the first long-playing (LP) record!


The Ffrr Sound Reproduction

During the 1950s we saw the British Decca Recording Company got into the technological swing of  music development of a unique sound reproduction on recording discs records! The Decca Record Company came up trumps when they successful in influenced the serious music lover of the melodious competence! Decca Records really got into the swing of  musical development with their specially developed ffrr sound reproduction series!


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History of the Vinyl

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