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The Transistorized Radio

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History of The Vinyl: part 14

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The entire field of comparative harmonious melody of music has been studied by anthropologist  and musicologists since World War II. Visiting remote areas of the world with their tape machines to record original music of primitive natives before the music was contaminated and lost forever due to the western type of sophisticated and complicated civilization!

The Decca Recording Company (ffrr) Series Record Label

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The study of the relationships between western, non western and primitive music is dependent on either being recorded on disc or by tape recorders!  Albeit this conformity may be traced way back to the 18th century. These non western music was not brought to the surface from the primitive condition until phonographic equipment became available. Primordial music is orally transmitted rather than in written notation format, therefore, its recitation practices of rhythms and intonations is rather difficult!


Homogenized World of Music

The categorized primordial music can only be written or can be copied accurately into western notation characteristics! The most recent studies of primordial music have been conducted as a race against time, particularly against a phenomenon that has become an omnipresent commodity known as the transistorized radio that was about to homogenized the world of music! Nonetheless, the British Decca Recording Company went on to play an influential!


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History of the Vinyl

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