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Discovery of Vinyl Discs

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History of The Vinyl: part 13

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In 1948 Records (CBS) produced the new concept 12-inch unbreakable vinyl discs that could play from 25 to 30 minutes. The original standard shellac disc had revolved at 78-rpm, but the old typed 12-inch record discs had to be changed automatically or manually every five minutes thus, the make-up had to break up the continuity of longer moving parts! The 12-inch LP records revolving at speeds of 331/3 rpm, could hold the average symphony, sonata, or quartet on a single side!

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Moreover, the new discovery of the vinyl discs had much quieter surfaces than the shellac discs. It was a certainty that the RCA Victor recording company would be counteract with their own special version of  microgroove records in producing the beloved seven-inch 45-rpm vinyl disc and each 45-rpm disc contained approximately as much music as the 12-inch 78-rpm disc, but the package was smaller!


New Recording Technology

By 1950, a pattern had been set: 12-inch LPs for classical works and popular albums! The 45rpm vinyl records was designed for special individual popular hit songs on 7inch 45rpm Extended-play vinyl records was also developed and marketed quite successfully! The 331/3rpm  long playing record opened up an entirely new market all over the world! This new recording technology was not just for the older record collectors but also to capture a new generation of record buyers in making the 331/3rpm long playing record something of a novelty!


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History of the Vinyl

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