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Michael Faraday's Law on Induction

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History of The Vinyl: part 1

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Michael Faraday's law on induction and magnetisms. Upon leading into the 'history of the vinyl.' Two great scientists and inventors of the early, nineteen-century come to mind and must first be acknowledged for their work. They are Michael Faraday born an Englishman and Thomas Alva Edison an American born inventor! Regardless what anyone might say, from the many books that have been published.  In getting an understanding and gaining knowledge Michael Faraday and Thomas Alva Edison are two pioneers that played an important role in the formation of the world we know it today, They both set the field in motion for technological advancement we're now experiencing!

Michael Faraday Picture

A picture of the Physitsts Michael Faraday inventor of the moving coil


Michael Faraday's law on induction and magnetisms established some significant characteristics into the science of amplified audio sound systems turntable record player technology. Faraday's law states that the electric potential induced in the coil of the magnetic field's spontaneous effect is directly relative to the magnetic field of the moving magnet, and in reverse is comparative to the point in time of the oscillation in order to produce a constant frequency of sound waves at high amplitude frequencies.


Audio Spectrum

It is essential that the amplitude frequencies is reduced, allowing for low frequencies to produce an increase in its motions to be re-converted into sounds. What that is saying is: The electrical signals have to be amplified at an exceptionally high frequency, and the attenuations would be at very low frequencies for receptive listening. Let us say for argument sake; "two frequencies within an audio spectrum of 60Hz for the bass and 20kHz given for the treble!"


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History of the Vinyl

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