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Let’s find out how you can receive a loan to buy the car we want without advance. What very often constitutes an obstacle when we want to buy a new car is the sum that is required by the bank at the time of granting the financing we need. Let’s see where to turn to get a loan without any down payment.

Loans for the purchase of a car or any other vehicle are among the most common in the world of financing. When we go to buy a car from any dealer, here we will be offered different loan options to allow us to delay the payment of the car we are buying with light installments, which do not go to undermine our monthly budget. Among the various options available there are the loans without advance, of which we will discover all there is to know to get access to them.

Car loans without advance payment: how do they work and to whom to get them?

Car loans without advance payment: how do they work and to whom to get them?

If you are willing to buy a car, you will surely have noticed the wide range of financial products you can choose from. Over the years, banks have tried to expand their circle of customers more and more, and to do so they have created new forms of loan, aimed at satisfying the needs of any customer. One of the requests that is usually made when we want to receive a loan for the purchase of a new or used car is a certain amount to be paid as an advance.

This is often an obstacle for the customer, who cannot always afford to face this maxi initial installment. For this reason, loans are made without advance, perhaps even with the addition of zero-interest loans. How they work is easy to understand from the name of the product itself, which does not therefore provide for the payment of the initial advance. Consequently, for the same sum requested and for the duration of the loan, the installments will be slightly higher as well as the interest rate applied, but with the advantage of a deferred payment that does not seriously undermine the budget at our disposal.

Who can you contact to get a loan for the purchase of a car without any down payment? To offer us this form of loan will be the concessionaire itself, which will act as an intermediary between us and the bank that will grant us the loan. However, if you want to be sure that the loan that is offered to you is really convenient, our advice is to inform you in advance about the rates usually applied and consequently to evaluate whether or not to accept the loan that has been proposed to you.

How to request a quote for car loans without down payment

How to request a quote for car loans without down payment

So it is always good to keep informed when we want to request a loan, to avoid accepting a loan that is anything but convenient. The best thing to do if you are interested in receiving a loan without an advance for the purchase of a new or used car is to request a quote from various companies, so as to compare them and decide accordingly, so as to obtain auto loans for advantageous rates.

All of this can be done for free online, by connecting to the website of the bank at which you intend to request a loan. Here you will not need to register or enter your personal data: the only data required to calculate the amount of each installment will be the amount you need and the duration of the loan. By clicking on Calculate installment, in a few seconds you will be presented with the most convenient proposal, with the relative interest rates applied.

So by doing this on the websites of different companies, you will have an overall view of the products available on the market. At this point there are two possibilities: if the financing offered by the dealer seems convenient, then you can make the request immediately, while otherwise you can request a loan from the bank that offers you the most convenient treatment and then make the purchase, all without having to pay any advance.

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